Client Results

Our proprietary outcome approach has driven game-changing business outcomes for our clients, including:


Exits to F500 global enterprises


Billion dollars in excess enterprise value


IPOs on NYSE and leading exchanges


Average competitive share of voice improvement


Clients with up To 100% revenue growth


Industries with successful recruiting outcomes over competitors

We’ve built the industry’s first and only outcome-based PR process backed up by proprietary KPI software, customer rankings, and a high-energy culture that is completely aligned with you as a customer, and geared to drive the business outcomes that matter to you.

What Clients Are Saying

Quite simply, N6A is the outcome relations agency!

Gil Eyal


N6A is much more than a service provider for us. They are an extension of our team in every sense.

Amy Holtzman

SVP of Marketing for Alphasense

N6A has solidified themselves as a fast-paced, hard-working and reliable partner that fights for our brand every day.

Scott Galloway


N6A has proven to be a reliable, outcome-oriented partner that is willing to fight for our brand.

Charles Bonello


Our experience with N6A was phenomenal in every way.

Caroline Klatt


N6A is a valued partner that always goes above and beyond.

Mike Scales


The N6A outcome formula has been a winning one for our brand in every sense.

Jason Andrew


There is no fluff with the N6A team. It’s about driving results and outcomes.

Rick Martira

Senior Vice President of Digital Marketing

N6A has been an unmatched outcome PR machine for us! Their industry network and reach along with their ability to tell our story has been incredible. Having them on our team has been a powerful advantage as we grow our brand.

Jason Fudin


No agency that I have ever worked with has worked harder and provided as great a roster of success rivaling the team at N6A.

Al Diguido

Former CEO

N6A is the real deal. They over-promise and then over-deliver. This is the second time I have partnered with them and it will not be the last.

Judge Graham

The Scale & Exit Authority

“N6A was an integral part of the successful media coverage surrounding Medallia’s IPO. They set forth an excellent strategy, thoroughly prepared our executives, and then executed flawlessly. It was the best possible outcome.”

Sophie Chesters


We don’t view N6A as a vendor. N6A has earned the trust and respect to be considered a member of our team through their tireless work ethic, results and industry expertise.

Lucy Zheng

Director of M&A

As a CMO, I truly appreciate the value of an agency partner that holds themselves accountable to outcomes, and is never afraid to deliver the way N6A does.

Jordan Cohen


N6A has always been a smart bet for us when it comes to results, performance and strategic guidance.

David Reid


N6A delivers. We’ve seen increased exposure as a result, making sales easier and increasing inbound leads.

Micah Tapman

Managing Partner

N6A has been an instrumental part of our success over the last several years, helping us build a leadership presence unlike any other in our industry.

Erich Joachimsthaler


As an N6A customer, not a moment goes by where you don’t feel like you’re getting first-class value and top-notch outcomes.

James Lamberti


We are proud of our partnership with N6A. They are a highly motivated team and always laser focused on outcomes.

Tim Simon

Head of Capital Markets

N6A has consistently delivered outcomes that have elevated our leadership position and taken our brand to the next level.

Terri Bartlett


N6A has proven to be one step ahead every step of the way.

Travis Jarae


Let N6A Drive Outcomes For You!

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