Social Media Management

Building Customer Relationships on Social Media



Placemakr, a tech-enabled hospitality platform and operator, was positioning itself to expand its property footprint and scale its business and needed to strengthen a support base from which to grow. The brand needed a larger and more engaged following across its social media channels. 


N6A’s sister marketing agency, Studios, realized that establishing and retaining long-term customer relationships on social platforms meant going beyond the standard promotional content that had been shared on Placemakr’s channels to date. Rather than simply promoting properties, the new publishing strategy educated travelers about the attractions and unique cultures of the cities in which they stayed—the top brunch spots in Washington, DC or the best way to spend an afternoon in downtown Nashville. Studios served as an end-to-end partner, following strategy development with ongoing content creation, publishing, community management, and reporting across LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.



Placemakr’s LinkedIn and Instagram following each increased by 40 percent in the first year while engagement more than doubled. Meanwhile, the number of customers referred from the Placemakr booking page to their Facebook page increased by 34%, signifying the brand had become a trusted source of travel information beyond booking.


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