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Crafting a Game-Changing Report for Pavilion



Pavilion, a leading membership organization for high-growth professionals, wanted to improve the quality, reach, and impact of its executive compensation report. This annual publication, which surveys Pavilion’s membership to report on key trends in executive salaries and benefits, is vital to establishing the organization as a thought leader and attracting new members. 


N6A’s sister marketing agency, Studios, expanded the report from a basic slide presentation to a dynamic, visually engaging piece that went beyond the numbers to build a compelling, insightful narrative around the survey data.

Key findings were then pitched by N6A to targeted media publications to expand the report’s reach and impact.



The report garnered more than 700 downloads in the first week alone, and the initial distribution email to members tallied an open rate of over 40%. The N6A team was able to secure coverage of the report’s findings in Fortune

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This is exactly the type of content we want to build around our brand. The insights, analysis, and design have taken our annual report to an entirely different level.

Sam Jacobs, Founder and CEO of Pavilion


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