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We invest in our people. N6A’s work environment has been lauded as one of the most rewarding and unique in the agency world by PRWeek, The Wall Street Journal, the Observer, Forbes, New York Post, Entrepreneur, CNN Business, and more.

Our “Compete and Care” culture means that while we’re as competitive as it gets for our clients and ourselves, we care for each other with just as much enthusiasm and energy. N6A team members lift each other up, encourage one another, and are invested in the success of their peers.

Oh, and we have one of the coolest bonus programs around. Pace Points™ allows team members to pick their own rewards, from all-expense paid trips to month-long sabbaticals.


Why a Career at N6A?

Our “Compete and Care” culture attracts the very best talent in the business. We reward great work like nobody else and provide our team members with opportunities to grow their careers, improve their skills, and grow into leadership positions. There is no bureaucracy at N6A. Put the hard work in, be a great teammate, and you will be rewarded:

Awards and Speaking

Pace Points™ customized rewards and perks


Month-long sabbaticals


Summer Fridays and flexible work from home


Free weekly lunches


Rewards for top producing teams and individuals ranging up to $50,000

Pace Points™

Pace Points is the world’s first pick-your-own-perks rewards program. Pace Points puts the power in your hands by letting you choose perks based on what’s most important to you.

  • Earn points based on individual, group and company-wide achievements

  • Cash points out for rewards that matter most to you

  • Rewards in categories across health/wellness, travel, experiences, transportation cash, quality of life, and more

  • Rewards ranging from $100 to $50,000 in value

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