Which N6A PR Group is the Right Match For You?


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Picking a PR agency is a lot like dating. You look for points where you’re compatible, you have to make sure your personalities and interests complement each other, you want to find someone who encourages your goals and ambitions. And, more than anything, you want someone you can introduce to your parents—okay, maybe it’s not exactly the same.


Anyway, this Valentine’s Day we’re showcasing all of the unique teams that make up the whole of N6A. Check out our profiles to find out which one you’d swipe right on!


Do you have a new funding round to announce or are you looking for a creative way to win customers? Are you in the real estate, performance marketing, recruiting or musical instrument selling space (not any of those but curious who else we rep? – just ask!)? Are you thinking, “well, that much variety in expertise can’t be helpful for what MY company does.” Well, think again! No matter the challenge, the Enterprise team has managed a smorgasbord of industries, allowing for a PR partner that has been there, done that, and built the awareness every brand is looking for.  


If you’re on the hunt for the perfect PR match for your canna-business, look no further than N6A’s Cannabis Group – the small, scrappy team that truly packs a punch. The passion-driven group takes risks, steers away from the traditional and keeps spirits high while cultivating media opportunities for plant-touching and ancillary companies across a myriad of sectors. For years the group has broken out of the dated confines of cannabis trade coverage, taking its clients to new heights through mainstream business, health and wellness, and technology placement. The team has experience navigating the nuances of the expanding market, and can work with you to develop innovative strategies for attracting consumers, clients and investors.  You won’t have a half-baked experience with a partner like the Cannabis Group.  


Do you have trouble explaining to your family what your company does? Ideal. We thrive on complexity and love a good acronym – GDPR, CPRA, 0day . If your main audience is consumers, definitely swipe left (we hear Enterprise and Cannabis are single), we prefer to work behind the scenes with your developer or CISO – we’re more Python than Peloton. “Nerd” is a badge of honor we wear proudly and we’ve collected one for industries including cybersecurity, privacy, network infrastructure, telecom, financial services, manufacturing and logistics. If you like to drop AI and Blockchain into casual conversation and think fingerprinting is for your state ID not your device ID, drop us a line (through an encrypted channel of course), we’d love to compare collections of tinfoil hats!

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The Pro Team will talk your ear off about the latest buzz in the retail, marketing, advertising, HR, food tech and ecommerce industries. In between consulting clients, briefing journalists and going on research deep dives, they also enjoy swapping dating advice, talking about their latest Netflix binges like Bridgerton and coming clean about their embarrassing musical tastes. 

They find well crafted briefing documents and quick replies from clients and media (no double texting required) just as satisfying as a crisp glass of Chardonnay. They are equally reliable for being able to come up with pitching ideas on the fly as well as finding the appropriate meme to react with in record time.


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