Let’s Round ’em Up: Celebrating the Best N6A Blogs of 2020


As ready as we all are to put 2020 in the rearview, there are a few things we want to take with us into 2021, including your favorite blog posts! From the Story of Our Survival Days to 9 Ways to Justify Spend on PR to How Consolidation Drives Results—we rounded up our top 10 greatest hits from last year!


  1. Team Members on N6A’s People-First Approach and Our Core Mission
    The past few years were big in terms of Outcomes for our clients—2021 will be no different.
  2. The Story Behind N6A Day: Never Forget the Survival Days
    “I always told myself that one day, if I ever forgot my survival mode lessons, I would hang it up and look for a new profession. The truth is, we would probably go out of business anyway if we strayed from our survival mode roots.”  -Matt Rizzetta
  3. COVID Consolidation: How CEOs, CMOs and CFOs Can Get Client Results
    Heading into the new year, brands must seize new opportunities for clients and set immediate priorities that will define the long-lasting effects on your business model.
  4. Responsible for a Marketing Budget? 9 Ways to Justify ROI Spend on PR
    Customers care more than ever about the brands they support. Whether you’re pitching the board or just getting buy-in from your boss, here are the ways to justify spending on PR heading into 2021.
  5. Leveraging PR to Drive Business Outcomes
    When we defined the OR model in 2019, we knew it directly tackled this pain point by assigning PR the same level of accountability as other components of the marketing stack. 
  6. How PR Pros Deliver Meaningful Client Service Year-Round
    From getting off on the right foot to maintaining an agile communications strategy, N6A VP Jacky Agudelo took a look at how it’s important to create positive and transparent experiences when working with clients.
  7. Video is the Most Powerful Tool to Engage Multiple Marketing Channels
    Of all the marketing trends and strategies of the past few years, video content continues to be one of the fastest growing and most effective tools available to marketers today. 
  8. The Giving-Back Roadmap to Galvanize Your Team
    On the blog, and thinking back on 2020, we took a look at how taking stock of the teamwork initiatives that drive N6A’s spirit is more important than ever.
  9. COO Daniela Mancinelli on Her Breakout Career & Marketing Dreams
    “I am who I am, and my accomplishments can be attributed to hard work, dedication, foresight and belief in others.” -Former N6A COO, current CEO Daniela Mancinelli
  10. N6A’s New CEO: Keeping It in the Family
    Naming a new CEO was one of the easiest decisions in the world for our founder Matt Rizzetta this year. Why? Because we get to keep it all in the family. Read more about N6A’s next chapter!

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