The Key to N6A’s Longevity? Being Different


Just four percent of all businesses survive past their own ten-year mark. As N6A enters our 13th year, we thought it a good opportunity to reflect on the unique attributes that have empowered our longevity. We posed a simple question to five of our longest tenured team members and five of our newest.

What makes N6A unique? 

Daniela Mancinelli
Chief Executive Officer
7 years at N6A

N6A is truly a special place—where talent, passion, care, and compassion combine to deliver stellar service and results at unrivaled speed. I started here seven years ago, and can honestly say that I had never experienced such a welcoming and warm culture of team spirit and camaraderie. I’m proud to be a part of the team that continues to build on this culture—we remain humble but hungry, win together, challenge and celebrate each other, and build enduring relationships through the work we do for all our amazing partners.  

Patrick Brady
Chief Revenue Officer
5 months at N6A

I was initially drawn to N6A by the Outcome Relations imperative, as I felt it was unique and differentiated. I’ve been amazed at how impactful the agency’s work with clients at every stage of their growth really upheld the Outcome Relations promise. To me, being part of an agency that inspires true growth for clients across literally every industry proves that I made the right choice in joining N6A.

John Hannaway
Chief Operating Officer
6+ years at N6A

What makes N6A unique is the people. I am proud to work for a company that is thoroughly invested in its staff. I couldn’t ask for better people to work alongside or a better environment in which to work each day.

Michelle O’Rourke
Account Director
3 months at N6A

Over the last three months, I’ve felt welcomed, understood, and cared for across teams and accounts. Despite experience or bandwidth, there’s a willingness to lend a hand when it’s needed, and to pick somebody up when they are nearing their low. There’s an air of appreciation and dedication to client work and team camaraderie that’s truly unique. While we remain remote, this feeling knows no bounds.  

Nina Velasquez
EVP Talent Development
9+ years at N6A

The laser focus on clients’ end-goals gives the team a story canvas of the best ideas to push brands into the mainstream. The collaborative environment at N6A is second to none, filled with extremely talented individuals who hype up each other and celebrate wins together.

Kevin Pryor
Account Manager
8 months at N6A

N6A’s commitment to helping its employees thrive is something I’ve noticed since my first day on the job and every day since. From “Start Strong & End Strong” written on the office’s elevator door to the guidelines we follow for communication, N6A has a clearly defined structure that helps us navigate challenges. For example, N6A’s Outcome Relations motto stood out to me before I was hired, and now as a team member, I’m able to see how we keep client outcome goals top of mind while working through the various stages of media relations, ranging from the language we use when drafting press releases to the types of angles we pitch to reporters.

Florence Lousqui
Vice President
6+ years at N6A

N6A is a special company to work for. The Outcome Relations model means everyone, no matter where they are on the org chart, fully understands our clients’ business objectives and how what we do every day impacts their big picture. The team is full of passionate storytellers who thrive on securing holy grail placements for each client and we always celebrate everyone’s wins as our own.

Lexi Fritz
Marketing Manager
5 months at Studios

Never before have I worked for a company that felt more like a family. Our team is supportive, caring, and always down to have fun while still keeping a client-focused mindset. Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned pro, N6A welcomes you with open arms and encourages your success!

Shayla Ridore
Account Manager
6+ years at N6A

What makes N6A unique is the culture that we’ve cultivated as an agency and as a team. I know that my team members always have my back, whether it’s personally or professionally, and we always work together to find a solution for anything. To me, that defines N6A as a place to work, as well as in the service we provide to our clients.

Kaitlyn McAndrew
Account Manager
3+ years at N6A

There are so many things about N6A that are unique but, for me, it boils down to the people. The culture that is fostered here is unlike anything else I’ve experienced. It is really special to work with people who you truly respect and admire not just for their work, but also as human beings. These are people who I can rely on to have great advice when I want to brainstorm or bounce ideas around, and they’re equally dependable for making sure we remember to laugh and have a little fun while we’re taking great care of our clients. I’ve found real friends here in my team members who provide support in so many ways. Through all different types of clients and projects, the emphasis on team remains strong, and that allows for true professional and personal growth.

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