N6-fAmily Spotlight: How Teamwork Impacts the Intern Experience


N6A’s Cassidy Zuber on the importance of mentorship and collaboration during an internship program.

Leading up to National Intern Day on July 30, we’re continuing our three-part blog series highlighting some of our former interns who are now part of our N6-fAmily.

In 2017, Cassidy Zuber was a junior at the University of Maryland, majoring in communications with a focus on public relations. It was then that she decided to apply for an internship at N6A to get a hands-on experience of the agency world.

Cassidy ZuberToday she’s a full-time Account Coordinator at N6A. Cassidy spoke to us about how the intern-to-AC experience left a lasting impression.

What were your career goals in college?

Cassidy Zuber: Upon arriving at college, I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of majors to choose from. During my first semester, I made the decision to study communications and haven’t looked back since.

Over the years, my interest in agency work became increasingly apparent. In 2017, as a rising junior, I interned at N6A, which further solidified my desire to work in a fast-paced, collaborative environment.

What do you think makes a good internship program?

A good internship program provides students with the ability to build practical skills that cannot be taught in a school setting. The most rewarding programs instill a sense of teamwork and resourcefulness, while emphasizing the importance of professionalism.

At N6A, I was lucky to work alongside such intelligent and driven employees, all of whom were eager to mentor me. They constantly shared constructive feedback and practical lessons, which made the experience highly valuable.

Why did you choose N6A for your internship?

N6A’s culture of innovative, collaborative and respectful people is what drew me to the internship program. During my initial interview, I immediately got a sense of the company’s strong foundation and positive leadership culture.

What internship skill-building assignments helped you with your career today?

During my internship experience, I learned the ins and outs of building strong media lists and monitoring industry news, both of which are integral to my current role as an Account Coordinator.

Why did you decide to stay or return to N6A once your intern program was over?

N6A’s tight-knit company culture left a lasting impression on me. I still remember our weekly team lunches and our Summer Bash in New York’s Hudson Valley.

I witnessed firsthand how much N6A truly invests in its team through its quality of life perks, which influenced my return post-graduation.

Check out Compete and Care to learn more about our company culture and what it’s like working at N6A.

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