Our New Joint Venture Drives More Outcomes for Clients Than Ever


We speak with Magnetik CEO Doug Steinberg about our vision to align public relations with business outcomes through measurable digital amplification channels.

Since 2006, Magnetik has established itself as a premier integrated marketing agency, combining cutting-edge technology, award-winning creative and strategic best practices. Having serviced more than 100 brands, from disruptive start-ups to global enterprises, Magnetik has now partnered with N6A to integrate the agency’s suite of services into our Outcome Relations™ offering for clients.

Magnetik will be integrated into our in-house amplification team, which provides clients with a range of digital media and demand generation services to amplify and align PR efforts with business outcomes. Through the venture, we’ll now offer services that enable clients to amplify their Outcome Relations™ campaigns like never before! 

To find out some more about our joint venture, we spoke to Magnetik CEO Doug Steinberg about extending our agencies’ already successful relationship, business differentiators, our mutual approach to client services, and more. 

N6A + Magnetik (B&W)N6A CEO Matt Rizzetta (left) and Magnetik CEO Doug Steinberg (right).

What about N6A made you feel the agency was the right fit for Magnetik?

Steinberg: Over the years, we worked with a lot of PR agencies but were never able to find a valuable partner that truly understood the modern digital customer the way N6A does. 

Over the last few months, through various projects we worked on together, we discovered that N6A was a kindred spirit in their customer-centric model. We certainly have a similar philosophy on how to take advantage of technology to drive business and efficiency.

What is the biggest Magnetik differentiator?

The biggest differentiator that separates Magnetik from other digital agencies is our comprehensive background. 

We have been around for a long time and have done it all — from direct mail campaigns to developing the modern CRM funnels. We are in a unique position to apply all of that historical learning to stay on top, or ahead, of trends in the industry.

Another differentiator is the way we treat our customers as a part of the team —  they’re actually more like family. We give each the utmost individual attention and a laser-focused approach to their goals, which is another piece we felt aligned well with the N6A mission.

Give us a sense of  your approach to client services and what are your primary guiding principles?

We built the entire agency on a completely different approach than the quote-unquote traditional path. Some members of our team have been with us for over a decade — we are genuinely a family. We bring in new talent like all agencies, but the vast majority of our team has been through the trenches together.

At Magnetik, everyone is accessible — there should be no communication barriers, and we always encourage open dialogue and open doors regardless of whether we’re in the office or working remotely.

Respect and trust are mutual, both within our team and with our clients. We see ourselves as guiding their business, and to do that in a truly successful and impactful way they have to trust us in a way that’s fostered through streamlined communication and total transparency.

Also, we like to say that we don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we take our coffee very seriously. We’re actually one of the few agencies to have a CCO — chief coffee officer! We get freshly roasted beans delivered from Irving Farm twice a month, and we are even having beans delivered to our team’s homes during quarantine so they can have a “taste” of the office.

What can clients expect now with adding N6A to the mix?

It is a huge value-add to a lot of our clients! For the past few years we have seen the importance of a comprehensive marketing and communication strategy, but we didn’t find a partner we could confidently recommend in the way we do with N6A. 

The OR model matches with what our clients are looking for and we are excited that this integration will lead to even better outcomes!

Do you have a favorite agency project to date?

I can’t single anything out! That’s like picking a favorite child. My favorite thing is working with a brand for years and watching them transform their brand and the impact they make with their digital presence. 

I will say we don’t view what we do as projects. Instead, we think of it as  a meaningful relationship. 

What are you most looking forward to with N6A in the months ahead?

We’re eager for our team to work closely with the N6A team because it’s  a great and mutually beneficial opportunity for us to broaden our skillset. 

We love to learn and explore new things. We have been working with N6A for quite some time, but formalizing the partnership means being able to provide a smoother integration, and that is so exciting because it’s a big advantage for brands. 

Really, it’s the endless possibilities we are most excited about.

Read more about our exciting new joint venture!

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