CNBC’s Jade Scipioni Kicked Off N6A’s New Thought Leadership Series


This week, N6A unveiled its Outcomes & Omelettes thought leadership series. Each month, our intrepid CEO Matt Rizzetta will host a Q&A from our #EmbraceThePace stage with a different influencer from the worlds of business, media, philanthropy, and beyond. These monthly sessions are meant to be an educational and interactive discussion on each guest’s background and career journey to engage and inspire the team.


Also, there’s an omelette station! You can learn a lot about someone based on their breakfast choices.

To kick off the series, our first guest was fast-rising national media personality Jade Scipioni, on-air contributor and lead columnist for CNBC’s “Make It” series.

Through her discussion with Rizzetta, Scipioni recounted her early experiences starting out at CourtTV, and navigating the constantly evolving world of journalism, including her time as a producer for CBS News, CNN, and Bloomberg, and as an on-air personality for Fox Business Network.

More recently, she’s covered success stories from well-known entrepreneurs and celebrities for CNBC, including names like Shaquille O’Neal, Tom Brady, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Jennifer Aniston, and more. (She also noted that one of the most formidable people she’s interviewed was Martha Stewart!)



Here are some of the key takeaways from this month’s session:

“Do You”

In response to the question, “For someone who wants to be a journalist or on-air talent, what are some tips you would give them to be a successful interviewer?” Scipioni said she’s remained successful by sticking to a simple mantra: “do you.”

By staying true to your mission and yourself, be it personal or professional, you can’t go wrong.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go There

Talking to some of the most successful people on the planet might be stressful enough, but actually breaking through in the crowded field of investigative journalism is a bigger challenge unto itself. When asked, “Which outcome or accomplishment are you most proud of in your career?” Scipioni cited her coverage of controversies involving agricultural practices and the food industry.

Whether it was highlighting the terrible conditions of allegedly “cage-free” chickens, food contamination in some of the world’s largest meat processors, or educating readers on the plant-based “meat” boom, Scipioni recounted that the best way to make a difference and achieve your goals is to not be afraid to tackle tough subjects, ask difficult questions, and take leaps of faith to the next step even when you’re skeptical.


Stay Focused on That One Thing

“When [Major League Baseball Hall of Famer] Derek Jeter was 8,” Scipioni wrote in a CNBC story, “he walked into his parents’ bedroom (they were in their pajamas) and told them he wanted to be a Yankee…They sat him down and told him that he could do anything he wanted in life, if he worked hard enough and stayed dedicated.”

The big through-line in all of her time interviewing prominent figures is that they had a relentless and unwavering spirit in the pursuit of one main goal. They may have gotten off track, but the main thing that drove them, and can drive anyone pursuing any kind of goal, is to stay on track and focus on getting to the finish line.

You can listen to the full interview (and get a sneak peak of the Omelette bar!) here.

Outcome Omelettes Logo-SMALL VARIANT

Scipioni was the first personality in our Outcomes & Omelettes series. Other exciting Q1 guests will include Mike Sweetney, retired NBA Player and Anti-Depression Advocate, on February 13; and Joe Greco, Palio CEO, on March 26. Stay tuned for what’s next!


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