6 Insights from N6A CEO Daniela Mancinelli


Today we are kicking off our “6 Insights” series with Daniela Mancinelli, N6A CEO. Daniela began with N6A in 2015 managing a roster of clients in the Consumer/Lifestyle Group. In just six short years, Daniela’s commitment to client services, customer success, employee engagement, as well as branding and communications has brought her to her role as the agency’s Chief Executive Officer. We sat down and asked her for 6 Insights on her journey so far and for other aspiring female executives!

1. Looking back on your path with N6A and before — did you see yourself on this career trajectory?

I always knew I wanted to make a difference; wanted to help others realize their strengths, their potential. I contemplated many career paths as I began my journey (psychologist, documentarian, TV producer – broadway singer). Working with the media was always a passion, something I had my eyes on from a young age. I loved storytelling, being creative, working with teams of people to achieve a common goal. As I started working in PR, I realized that I was able to help entrepreneurs accomplish their dreams, tell their story to the masses.

When I joined N6A, I honestly didn’t write CEO on my vision board. I wrote the words that were important to me, for my career, for my life: Join a team of great people, learn from an inspirational leader, make passion a priority, achieve growth and make a difference.

I joined N6A as a VP six years ago. I was responsible for not only managing clients, but also managing multiple teams. I realized how much I enjoyed working with our team, learning each person’s “why”, and how I could help with their career goals. I enjoyed celebrating the successes of others, recruiting and assembling strong teams, and creating a vision that would lead us to growth. I particularly loved problem solving, working through growing pains, offering up ideas and solutions. Afterall, if we weren’t overcoming a challenge, were we even working? Becoming COO, and eventually CEO, was all icing on the cake and I am grateful every day for the opportunity. 

2. What are some significant lessons that Matt Rizzetta, former CEO and now chairman of the North Sixth Group, empowered you with before taking this new position?

Matt Rizzetta and I have worked closely together for six years, before I became CEO. Matt has always empowered me and all of his direct reports to make decisions autonomously, allowing them to take full responsibility for their departments. I always felt like I had a voice in the decisions we made as a company, whether it was launching new services, making acquisitions, recruiting new talent or opening up new offices. Stepping into this role has been a smooth transition, however I know that I have a lot of growth ahead of me. 

3. What does long-term success look like at N6A, and how does that relate to your idea of personal success?

Long-term success means that we continue to build a powerful global brand, known for unbeatable company culture, premium customer service, and successful client outcomes.  Growing N6A, and positively impacting fellow colleagues and partners along the way, is more than enough reward from a business and personal perspective. 

4. 2020 was a year of challenges for everybody. What advice would you give to someone managing challenges in 2021?

Empathy and kindness go a long way. After the challenges of 2020, it is important to lead not only with your mind, but also your heart. We are all very passionate about rebuilding and winning for our clients and the team. Being in a position to lock arms with our partners, and offer that stable point of reference for growth, is a great opportunity to display what the N6A spirit is all about: Fight, Care and Passion.  

5. When you think of N6A employees, what core values do you believe they should represent?

Passion and respect for people, growth and communications, should always be at the core of every team member. In addition, a healthy dose of fight and competition pairs nicely with all these core values.  

6. What is one guiding principle you think someone should have if they aspire to be a CEO some day?

For everyone aspiring to become a leader, my advice would be to become reliable, resilient and selfless.  Look at challenges as opportunities for growth. No matter how heavy the weight, make sure to stay positive and refer back to the common goal. Lastly, for those who tend to wear their emotions on their sleeves or often take things personal, develop a thick skin.  There will be times when you can’t make everyone happy. Just make sure you “gut” check every decision and make the best possible choice at that moment in time. 


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