Digital Transformation

Mission Critical

What is digital transformation and why your company needs it.

Digital Transformation is the implementation of niche positioning, technology, digital direct response media and analytics to reinvent how your company engages, acquires, grows and retains more customers in a rapidly changing digital world.

According to AdWeek, the statistics shown are from senior executives and their views on the importance of digital transformation.



Think digital transformation is a "competitive opportunity”.



Worried it may be too late to implement digital transformation before they “fall to competitors“



Believe it’s "critical” to implement digital transformation in the next 12 months.


sixty seven percent

The Real Cost of Not Digitally Transforming

According to Forrester, sixty seven percent of the buyer’s journey is now being done digitally for both B2C and B2B products and services.

The real cost to your company means you’re potentially losing up to sixty seven percent of additional sales if you haven’t properly positioned and digitally transformed your company.

What We Do

In 48 hours we transform your company digitally. We quickly put your company in a position to acquire, grow and retain more customers at scale. Below are the 4 steps that we deliver in our 48 hour digital transformation program. 


Niche Positioning

We dissect your top competitors and help refine your messaging to position you as the 800-pound niche gorilla that crushes your competition. 


Magnetic Website

We transform your website into a magnetic website that presents your new niche positioning along with additional credibility assets that increase the odds of your website prospects turning into customers.


Lead & Sales Generation

We activate targeted traffic to send a steady flow of highly qualified customers in “buy mode” to your website using digital direct response media to turn prospects into customers.


Customer Growth

We setup dynamic marketing automation and retargeting that consistently communicates with your prospects and customers with relevant offers and content that continues to build authority, trust, sales and retention.

How We Do It in 48 Hours


Initial Call

We schedule a call or video chat with you and our team to explore how digital transformation can radically change your business trajectory. On the call, we explain to you the 48 hour process, deliverables and the actual revenue implications it will have on your company.


After you engage for the 48 hour digital transformation experience, we will book the dates with both teams (either in person or virtually). Next, the dissecting of your top competitors, reviewing your current website and formulating your niche positioning. We will then start gathering your brand assets. (logo, color palette, PR, domain, hosting, etc.) We make the onboarding process super simple and easy as we don't require our clients to do any heavy lifting.

Niche Positioning and Magnetic Website Build

The experience happens in our office near DFW airport or via Zoom video if you can't make it in person. We work collaboratively with our experts for 2 days focused on your business.

This is where the magic happens. You will watch and collaborate as we build out your digital transformation live and in front of you. This is highly interactive, and at times intense, because we know what we are doing and where we are taking you. Your transformed niche positioning and magnetic website will come alive in real-time on our wall of flat screens and whiteboards.


Your Magnetic Website Launch

On the second day, mid morning, we launch your magnetic website. During this time all copywriting, imagery, SEO and analytics will be finalized. We make sure your domain, hosting and all technical requirements have been tested and optimized to ensure a flawless launch.

Customer Acquisition, Growth and Retention Activation

In the afternoon of day two, we present a custom digital direct response media plan that will drive qualified traffic that will convert prospects to customers. In addition, you will receive a plan for ongoing marketing automation that will retain and grow your customers. All of our on-going clients are assigned a customer love agent whose sole job is to ensure that your results are being delivered at scale.

What You Get in 48 Hours

We are the only company in the universe that does 48 hour digital transformation.
The below are the six deliverables that you will receive after the 48 hour digital transformation experience.  Your company will be positioned to crush your competitors, generate more revenue and be in a position to better grow/retain your customers.




SEO & Analytics

Lead / Sales

Customer Growth & Retention Activation

Results & Examples


Average Percent increase in average B2B Leads


Average Percent Increase in B2C Leads

Verity Jet


Provider Science


GTN Technical Staffing


Pro Source